If every local Mackay business swapped just $5 per day in business expenses to a fellow local business, we can generate an extra $10 million plus a year in local economic activity.*

That $10 million means more local jobs and more money being spent in your business every day!

Participating in #buymackay costs nothing except a commitment to support local business. All you have to do is:

• Register your interest by filling out the form below.
• Once registered, you can download the free #buymackay toolkit of marketing materials to help spread the #buymackay message amongst our local business community.
• Take action and make one decision to #buymackay.
$5 MAKES A DIFFERENCE - small actions combined will have a great impact on our local business economy.
• Use the hashtag #buymackay to tell everyone when you’ve swapped your shop. Spread the good message far and wide.
• Businesses should promote themselves and their involvement online with the hashtag #buymackay – the more businesses involved, the stronger the #buymackay program will be.
• If we want our customers to #buymackay then it’s time for businesses to lead by example!

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